A suitable tour for all the family




2 hours

As a father of two little girls, 6 and 3 years old, I’m pretty aware that travelling with kids may be a challenge sometimes! I have personally experienced Pompeii ruins many times with them too so I know what they like best.

Pompeii for kids is customized to their special interests, such as animals, the way the ancient Romans dressed, gladiators, lions and volcanoes especially for the boys, making the visit appealing for them too, according to their school program whether primary or middle education.

Artist's impression of the Ludi

We’ll transform them into little Indiana Jones making the visit thrilling with treasure hunts. Of course this will be done without neglecting the importance of the visit for parents or grandparents too!

All our tours are private so you will not be sharing your guide with other people.

Entrance tickets not included (entrance is free of charge for kids under 18 years old).

Price valid up to 10 people. For larger groups please send us a request.

Departure time and meeting point on request.