A relaxing tour of the site




2 hours

"Should I visit Pompeii or Herculaneum, which one is better?"
The truth is that there is no better one!

Pompeii offers a complete view of how life used to be in an ancient commercial town.
Herculaneum instead was more residential - more relaxed - and one still gets that feeling nowadays when wondering along its streets.
Herculaneum is more compact, smaller - less walking involved.
The visit will include beautiful frescoes, stunning mosaics, the skeletons, shops and a bakery, the public baths, the small - but great - Museum of the site and plenty stories and mythology.

Overview of the Ruiins

So, it’s not really a matter of which is best but perhaps it’s what you think would suit you best!
We strongly believe that a visitor should see both of them as different dynamics of the eruption preserved the towns in two distinct peculiar ways.

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