Those less famous tracks... More meaningful than the top hits!





2 hours

If you are a music fan perhaps you have already understood what I mean!
B-Sides are usually those less famous tracks which for many may be more meaningful than the top hits.
And this is what this tour wants to be.

If it's not your first visit to Pompeii or if simply you prefer keeping away from the crowds, taking a stroll along quieter parts of the site, well, this is the tour for you.
A tour which covers more of the little details, life (and death) of middle class and ordinary people, the minor houses and the streets instead of the main (therefore busy) monumental public buildings.
B-Sides: exclusively from the Amphiteatre entrance, i.e. the outskirts of the ancient city.


The main stops are:
• The Necropolis, cemetery, of Nuceria gate and the Roman concept of death and life.
• The Garden of the Fugitives with the plaster casts of the victims of the eruption.
• The electoral propaganda inscriptions.
• House of the Ephebus interesting for it's mosaics, frescoes, outdoor dining room, kitchen and yes...it's toilette!
• Another house according to opening rotation.
Termopolium, fast-food, of Vetutius.
Taberna, restaurant, of Sotericus.
• Fountains and pipes.
• Off course, the Amphiteatre, the stadium for games and fights, a fundamental part of daily life.
• In the end, the Palestra, the large gimnasium with the small but very interesting exhibition of ancient carbonized food.


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