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140.00 / 180.00
2 hours / 3 hours

Suitable for all typologies of customers, Best of Pompeii is meant especially for those who visit Pompeii for the very first time. An overview of the town by visiting its important monuments, houses, temples, frescoes, graffiti, the body casts and artifacts.

In other words a bit of everything in order to optimize the visit and to gain a complete vision of the town in a just a short time (be aware that Pompeii extends itself over 170 acres therefore you would need weeks to see everything!).

Statue of Apollo

All our tours are private so you will not be sharing your guide with other people.

Entrance tickets not included (entrance is free of charge for kids under 18 years old).

Price valid up to 10 people. For larger groups please send us a request.

Departure time and meeting point on request.