High coverage of the Site




5 hours

As I usually say, every extra second spent in Pompeii is really worth it! Again, Pompeii is a city, therefore it’s impossible to see all of it in just one day.

All you can see offers you the chance to cover a wider area, to cross all the town form West to East and from North to South. You will be visiting all the major sites but at the same time we will be tracing trails off the usual beaten paths.

Overview of the Ruiins

The visit will definitely involve the sumptuous houses but also the signs left by normal people as we will take a walk along the ancient walls. More time than the conventional visit will allow us to see not only the way Pompeii was on its last day of life but also travel through its past and different cultures by pointing out the still visible inscriptions in several languages, Oscan, Greek and then Latin. And of course much more, to be discovered together!!!


Tip: why not carrying lunch pack with you! We could stop in some shaded place in the nature for a little break!

All our tours are private so you will not be sharing your guide with other people.

Entrance tickets not included (entrance is free of charge for kids under 18 years old).

Tours can be canceled with no fee up to 24 hours before the departure time of the tour.

In case of late cancelation a 100% penalty will be applied.

Price valid up to 10 people. For larger groups please send us a request.

Entrance tickets purchased with your booking are not refundable.

Departure time and meeting point on request.